Corporate Wellness


Claire Diab has over 20 years of experience working with some of the most well-known companies in the world.








Corporate Wellness

Claire is in-demand and teaching Health & Wellness around the globe!

Claire Diab is professional, intelligent, inspirational and fun! She is an expert educator on Corporate health and wellness. Claire’s teaching in the business environment continues to provide real-world solutions for her corporate clients.

Claire’s Corporate Transformation Tools foster an increase in productivity, creativity, and promote strong & healthy integration of the body, mind, and spirit! Claire will relax your organization into high performance; finding peace and stillness in the midst of boardrooms, uncertainty and travel, giving clarity and purpose.

Claire conducts 1-3 day Corporate workshops which feature:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Maintaining Internal and External Balance On and Off the Workplace
  • The Art of Living
  • Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Meditation
  • Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Co-workers

Claire’s speaking engagements inspire employees to take significant, preventative steps for their long-term health and wellness. One can apply these scientifically proven methods instantly to both home and work environments. Leading people through change boosts energy, decision-making ability, productivity, responsibility and self-esteem!
Corporate Wellness
Additional benefits include: increases concentration, boosts intuition, relieves fatigue and enhances organizational skills. Reduces tension, insomnia and fatigue, create greater effectiveness and job satisfaction, improved health and fewer health complaints, dissolve limitations and boosts self-confidence!

How much do you value your employees?

The lifeblood of every business is the employee. Given this critical fact, you may assume every business has a detailed plan and solid processes in place to ensure employees are engaged. Unfortunately, this is generally not the case.

Employers typically do just enough to ensure the majority of employees don’t leave; they train just enough, they offer just enough benefits, and they give just enough positive reinforcement.

As an employer, you need to understand why your employees are emotionally connected to your business. Research shows that emotionally connected employees are the best employees because they are engaged and productive, and they feel validated and appreciated.

Studies like McKinsey’s much quoted “War for Talent” show the best people are attracted to companies that fulfill the deep, personal need for meaning while making contributions to society – beyond the profit motive.” Employees who are committed to success, emotionally attached, and socially involved with a company demonstrate qualities that business managers thirst to have. Engaged employees are more productive at work, take less sick days and exhibit other favorable behavior, promote the business to others and show their happiness. Research continues to show a well-substantiated relationship exists between employee engagement – the extent to which employees are committed, believe in the values of the company, feel pride in working for their employer, and are motivated to go the extra mile!

You can manage employee engagement!

Employee engagement can be improved by aligning the goals of the business with the goals of the individual. Employee motivation should be associated with traditional rewards, such as pay and compensation, but also with emotional rewards such as personal growth, working for a common cause, being part of a high-performance team, and being recognized for achievements.

Employees want to feel like they are making a positive contribution! An apathetic employee just works for a paycheck, but an engaged employee perceives their job as important. Being helpful means that whether in a front-facing, retail environment, or in the back office, employees feel like they are making a difference. ‘Being helpful’ means that employees can take pride in delivering outstanding quality, service, and value. It means that jobs make good use of employee skills and abilities. It means that employees are empowered to solve customer problems! Your employees must feel confident and improved. Employees want to feel like they can do their assigned job confidently, that their future is secure, and that they are progressing in their own personal life goals.

Benefits of Meditation

Grow more stress-resilient! Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., and Herbert Bensen, M.D., demonstrated how meditation lowers blood pressure and promotes well-being. Corporations are ready to break through to a new level of awareness and concern. Corporations are discovering meditation is the alchemical cure to stress, which costs U.S. business $200 million a year, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health.

Is it any wonder why some very successful high tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Yahoo! IBM, 3Com, Cisco, TimeWarner, AOL, Deutsche Bank, Nike, Toyota, Walt Disney, AT&T, Hughes Aircraft, the Chicago Bulls, General Electric, Texas Instruments and NASA have sponsored meditation courses?

Increases concentration, boosts intuition, relieves fatigue, stimulates creativity and enhances organizational skills. Besides the modest initial cost of meditation and breathing techniques, it’s free! No wonder, as Business Week puts it, “Companies increasingly are falling for the allure of meditation, offering free on-site classes.”

Claire Diab’s speaking engagements are authentic and will align human values to corporate strategy. Compassion, humility, respect, humanity, empowerment, integrity, wholeism, broader good, responsibility and excellence are values Claire will stimulate throughout this process! For more information about Speaking Engagements and Corporate Workshops, Contact her to inquire.