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Cultivating Aspiring Yoga Instructors for 25+ Years

International HEALTH and Wellness EXPERt, Author & INSPIRATIONAL Speaker

The Benefits of Yoga are Immediate

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A Lifetime of Dedication to Yoga

How Yoga and Meditation have Changed My Life.

People ask me – How did you go from teaching Yoga at the Short Hills Hilton in New Jersey to teaching Yoga to groups of 400 in London, Geneva and India?

Honestly, my mother started my Yoga journey at the age of 10. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she was encouraged to do Yoga to help slow the progression of her disease and I would accompany her to classes as a child. The instructor had a little book on Yoga that I loved flipping through the pages of. When I went off to university, to study accounting of all things, my mother packed that beloved book with me.

Sitting in my dorm room my sophomore year, frustrated with the direction of my major, I pulled that book down off the shelf and decided then and there that I was changing my life path.

I sought out the best instructors and traveled the world over to hone my craft.

Many corporate speaking engagements and trainings later, I am still teaching students who want to delve into the philosophy of Yoga -whether it is through The American Yoga Academy, or in my position as a professor of Asian Studies at Seton Hall University.

Yoga changed my life. And it can change yours too!

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From the Studio to the World Wide Web.

I help aspiring Yoga Teachers reach their potential.
I started my Yoga School in 1993 in Summit, New Jersey. Multiple days a week aspiring Yoga teachers from around the Tri State area of New York and New Jersey would come and study with me for 15 weeks to earn their certification. I’ve been able to watch everyday women (and some pretty cool guys, too!) make the leap into becoming full-time Yoga instructors. Of course, some just want to learn Yoga for themselves and that is wonderful too. Mentoring future Yoga teachers is an honor. To be entrusted with the responsibility to pass down this 5,000 year old philosophy that helps people find their sense of well-being and turn their passion into purpose is inspiring.

Having trained thousands of Yoga instructors and taught over 30,000 classes (yes, you read that correctly) I have realized that the best things in my life manifested when I surrendered my plans in exchange for the unknown.

That’s how I lead my company, my team and my students. I’d love to help you unlock the hidden potential that lies in you, too.

Many online Yoga schools have popped up since the pandemic. They are just starting to teach.  However, I on the other hand, have built The American Yoga Academy over 35 years.

If you want to be the best you have to learn from the best. If you are interested in earning your Yoga Alliance 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (200 RYT) or 300 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (300 RYT) Certification I would love to be your guide.

You can view my full school website at




Hire Me for Inspirational Speaking Engagements

For years I have had the pleasure of speaking to groups of all sizes.  From corporate lunch and learns to Chopra Center retreats of 400 plus students I am well versed in engaging the audience in the many topics of health and wellness.

As an adjunct professor of Asian Studies at Seton Hall University I have found a way to even engage college age students and get them excited about yoga, meditation and mindfulness.  A colleague once told me, “If  you can get college students motivated to integrate the principles of Yoga you must be doing something right.”


My Specialty

I Am a Speaker.  Ask Me to Speak!

Speaking Topics:

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Chair Yoga

Balancing Your Body Mind & Spirit


Other topics I can customize include: Leadership, Sisterhood Manifestation, & Motivation.

Inspirational Speaker

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Hire me as either a keynote speaker or a guest lecturer at your next corporate event.

“Claire is most known for her brilliance in making Health and Wellness, fun, practical, and adaptable for everyone. She is a true expert, teaching people powerful yet simple techniques to add into their daily lives. Her charisma, entertaining qualities and vast experience in yoga allow her to reach hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Claire’s special ability to teach the many techniques of Yoga, Meditation, Mind/Body Awareness and Ayurveda helps assist people live healthier and more peaceful lives.”

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